Posted on Mar 14, 2020

Brick Masters

🌎Because of the global situation surrounding COVID-19 we wanted to make you aware of how we clean and sanitize our Lego.
🧽At the close of everyday we spray all of our Lego with disenfectant and wipe down all surfaces(tables, chairs, counters, etc.) with disenfectant wipes. We have done this everyday, even before coronavirus. We also routinely wash our Lego in hot water, Dawn & disenfectant soap to clean them. We will be increasing our efforts to fight germs by sanitizing throughout the day now.🧼 We have soap and hand sanitizer available for hand cleansing while your in store.
Don't let the germs keep you away and know that we are making every effort to keep our store clean.
💥Small businesses, like ours, rely on you, our customers!💥
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